An intense, gripping thriller that leaves you breathless. A stunning debut. THE NEW YORK REVIEW


A girl goes missing. But not just any girl. The daughter of Andrew Colson, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, left for her job in the city as normal, but never arrived – and even the resources of agency have failed to find any clues to her whereabouts.

The expected kidnap call doesn’t come either. It’s like she has literally disappeared without trace. How can someone whose life is so well monitored simply no longer be there. Has she been taken? Or did she decide to leave? Colson is determined to find answers, but he won’t like what he finds.

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Dan was born in rural Norfolk, England, but his family moved to downtown New York before he was 10 years old. His father worked in forensics for the police force and growing up in a tough borough gave him street smarts beyond his years, as well as an insight into the seedier side of the city.

The passion for writing came in his early teens, crafting short pulp fiction crime pieces. Over the next few years he began to draft what would become the plot for his first novel. He now lives in upstate New York, with his pet Beagle, Buster, and is currently working on his next book.

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“I love Dan Green’s books. If you love tense, edgy thrillers that really draw you in, check him out.”

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“Dan Green really does his homework, so this feels like more than a good page-turner – it’s a fascinating insight into how the CIA functions too.”

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“Brilliant book. Couldn’t put it down. Now looking forward to the next one.”

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“I’m always hesitant to check out new authors. What if it’s rubbish and I feel like I’ve wasted my money?! I’m glad I took a chance on Dan Green, however. No one could guess this is his first book – his writing is up there with the best of the best.”

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