Author Coaching & Consultation

It’s fair to say that Joseph Alexander has revolutionised the non-fiction publishing industry in just a few short years. As something of a maverick writer, publisher and marketer, his time is constantly in demand. He regularly speaks for Amazon at The London Book Fair, and has been interviewed by numerous marketing gurus. Joseph is one of the only independently published 7-figure writers in the UK (and the only non-fiction one!) and is happy to share his experience and insight with you. He’s an expert on all things “Amazon” and has close ties to the publishing wing of the company.

Tim Pettingale is one of the most experienced voices in the traditional publishing industry and has worked with 8 different publishers over a 20-year career on both sides of the Atlantic. His experience as a writer has been diverse to say the least, and has included: multi-million pound international business tenders; celebrity autobiographies; funding applications for charities such as Save the Children; and books for successful business leaders. He has ghosted more than 35 non-fiction books covering many genres.

Get the right advice

Whether it’s a professional critique of your manuscript or a full-blown marketing plan for your series of books, it’s very likely we have the insight and expertise you’re looking for. If we don’t know… we’ll tell you and point you in the right direction… no charge!

You can book a one-on-one consultation with Joseph or Tim using the form below. We are experts in solving author’s sticking points and helping you to navigate the maze of the publishing industry.