Ebook Creation

Advances in technology have forced the nature of publishing to change. Readers want to interact with books in a different way, using technology in a way that suits their lifestyle. This means that producing a digital version of your book is essential.

For some authors, the ebook is intended to complement their printed edition, but more and more authors are now publishing direct to Kindle, or one of the other mainstream ebook platforms.

Once your book is edited and the page layout designed, we can create ebook files for you in Kindle format (mobi) and ePub format (to publish via Barnes & Noble’s Nook e-reader, Sony e-reader, Kobo, and Apple iBooks).

Formatting a manuscript for ebook publishing can be a complex process that requires a methodical approach and a great eye for detail. We have streamlined this process and successfully created hundreds of beautifully formatted ebooks.


Discuss your ebook requirements with us and decide on required formats


We format your text and output your ebook files, which are tested on several different devices


Test the ebook for yourself


We can help you publish your ebook to various platforms