Professional Editing

Even the most accomplished authors acknowledge that the support of a great editor can bring out the best in their writing, and add that final finesse and polish to the final manuscript.

We describe our editorial style as “inspirational” rather than “technical”. In other words, we seek to connect with your writing style and seek to preserve your voice as much as possible. We’re not just correcting grammar and typos, and we’re not just slavishly following the rule book. Great editing is all about what’s right for the context. But, we strive for excellence and to bring your work up to industry standards.

Our editorial services range from simple proofreading to copyediting, structural re-writes to full-on ghost writing. Frequently, we are also asked to provide manuscript feedback and critique.

We can provide advice on the structure and direction of your work, but also its marketability. Get in touch via our enquiry form and tell us about your project.


Talk to us about the level of editorial required and submit your manuscript


Our editors will work on your text and produce an edited draft for checking


Check the edited version and let us know about any final tweaks


Your manuscript is ready for internal page design

Manuscript Feedback & Critique

Definition: Having a great plan and a good structure for your book is 70% of the battle of writing. We can provide insightful feedback to help you get your book structure right before you begin, or suggest adjustments to improve your finished work. Already done writing? It’s never too late for a structural re-write to polish your work.


Definition: Copyediting is a light touch edit, where the editor will seek to correct grammar and punctuation, but there will also be light rewriting or restructuring of sentences to improve flow. Throughout, our editors strive to retain the author’s voice and style.

Structural Re-Write

Definition: Sometimes authors will have fantastic ideas and lots to say, but struggle with the writing process. It can sometimes be a challenge to know how to communicate your ideas in a manner that flows logically from point to point. In such cases, a structural re-write will help get your message across. This goes beyond simple copyediting to restructuring the material and writing new connecting sentences where necessary. 

Ghost Writing

Definition: A friend once said to us, “The scarcest currency in most people’s lives is time, not money.” If you’ve got a story to tell but not enough time to get them down on paper, a ghost writer can help. A good ghost writer has the ability to “get you” and write in your voice. Invest as little as 6 hours of your time being interviewed, and a talented ghost writer can produce a book of around 40,000 – 50,000 words.