Marketing and PR Packages

Any business lives or dies by two things: The quality of its services, and the quality of its marketing.

Books are no different, so what’s the point in writing the greatest work in history and not telling anyone that it exists? With the right marketing you can drive your customers to your book. When they buy, your ranking increases and Amazon makes your book more discoverable. As your book climbs the charts, more and more people find your product and the snowball begins.

But any snowball begins with a single push and the right marketing package will do that.

From creating a bespoke media pack, to setting up and monitoring your paid advertising, to even generating a bit of word of mouth, we’re here to help.

Joseph often gets asked to do interviews and the number one topic of conversation is Amazon Marketing. The industry knows that Joseph has spent over $100,000 in marketing to generate over $2.2 Million in royalties. That’s quite the return on investment. Just imagine what might happen if he was working for you. We can set up, monitor and tweak your ads in real time, and you know we’ll do it right.

Talk to us today about marketing your book and let’s sing from the rooftops.

Media Packs

With over twenty years in the publishing industry, Tim knows what’s what. He’s worked at every level and has been a ghost writer to the stars (although we can’t talk about that).

He also knows what agents, PR companies, distributors and shops want to see when it comes to the media package for your book. If we’ve worked on any aspect of your book we’ll have a great idea of exactly what you’re about, and how to present it beautifully to industry standards. We’re a quick, easy win.

If you’re looking for a one-off production, we can quickly get to the bottom of what’s important and sell your work the right way. We’ll get you on the phone, talk it through and create the perfect package for your book.