Print Production

Just a few years ago, print on demand (POD) was a novelty in the publishing industry and the quality was average. Now POD is a part of every publisher’s business model and the quality is identical to a traditionally printed book – in some cases, much better.

Back in the bad old days, if you wanted to self-publish your book you had to order a run of 2000 copies, store them in your garage and try to distribute them yourself. What a nightmare! Thanks to POD, printing your own copies is now much simpler and much more affordable.

Amazon/Ingram POD

You can publish your book using Amazon’s POD infrastructure, by uploading a print-ready PDF to their system. A similar system is available through Ingram. Getting the best results from these platforms comes down to getting things right at the pre-press stage. 

At Self-Published, we are experts at setting up books ready for print, and we’re not just talking about typesetting. Our processes integrate tightly with the requirements of Amazon and Ingram (which are both different, just to make life complicated!) – and we can effortlessly remove the technical burden from you. It’s easy for first-time writers to mess this crucial stage up and finish with a substandard book, so ask for help.

Alternative POD

We can also save you money. Here’s a little secret: while Amazon and Ingram are great at printing, neither are the cheapest, nor the best quality. If you’re looking for a short run of your book (from 1 to 300 copies), talk to us. We have a range of top quality, cost-effective POD printers on hand.

Traditional print

If you’re looking for a bigger print run (300 copies upwards. 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 – the sky’s the limit), we can arrange for this through one of our traditional print partners.

If you’re looking for printing, POD or pre-press services, let’s have a conversation and make your book a reality.