Cover Design

Books are, famously, judged by their covers. Aside from a great story, the biggest single thing you can do to help your book become a bestseller is to invest in a quality cover design that reflects your message and identity.

Everything you do in publishing relates back to your cover. It’s your identity in the marketplace. All your branding, marketing and media buzz should be based on its image.

Your cover speaks for you

When you send out a media pack to a new PR company, your book cover sells your book for them. It must convey the essence of your story, be eye-catching, and quickly communicate the style and genre of your work.

Luckily for you, at self-published we have a huge amount of experience in this area. We’ll take your idea and turn it into an eye-catching, highly sellable cover, quickly and stylishly. Don’t like it? No worries! We’ll go back to the drawing board as many times as you like.

Take a look at our portfolio Existing covers can be a great starting point for your own imagination.

Let’s talk more about creating you the perfect cover – one that represents the love and time you’ve put into your book – and sells it to a generation of potential readers.

How it Works


Fill out our cover brief form and send us details of the type of design you’re looking for


Based on your brief, our designers will produce a draft cover design


Tweaks and amends are included in the price


Supply us your back cover blurb, or get us to write it for you and we’ll produce the flat cover artwork (front, back & spine)


We output a print-ready PDF, ready for upload to Amazon or one of our print-on-demand suppliers