Ghost Writing

Everyone’s got a story to tell, but not everyone has the time to write it. At self-published, we believe that time shouldn’t be an obstacle to good storytelling and we’re prepared to do everything we can to let you reach your audience with the minimum of input from you.

We have a range of bespoke packages available, but they all start with one thing: relaxed, face-to-face interviews.

All that’s required from you is around six to twelve hours of contact time. That can be via Skype, in person in a café, in your home, or in a quiet bar… wherever you’re most comfortable. We’ll have a synopsis of your book and we’ll sit down with you, hit record, and ask the right questions to make your book exceptional. At this point, your work is done for a while.

Next, we go and organise your thoughts and write a few sample pages of text, to ensure that we’ve captured your voice.

Once our sample is approved, we’ll draft your entire book. This is hugely time consuming, but we endeavour to exceed your expectations and write a better book thank you could ever imagine.

When we’re ready, we’ll provide you with a “working copy” so you can fact-check, give any guidance you feel necessary, and your honest feedback.

Next, we will finalise your perfect book using your feedback, proof read it to the highest standard, and provide you with your manuscript.

The Next Step

What you’ll receive from us is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and tell your story (or memoirs, or business advice…) in your own voice.

Some people stop here, but we have the resources and world-class team to go from an incredible manuscript to a perfectly published book – complete with marketing, a media package, an author website and even an audio book if you require. 

We offer a range of bolt-on packages that can include everything from cover design to marketing and websites.

Is ghost writing expensive? Yes. But we know you demand the best. We encourage you to think of the value of the final product and the increased opportunity cost gained from us creating your book for you.

We will take care of every little detail from writing in your “voice”, to editing, cover design, ISBNs… you name it. For a one-off cost, and around six hours of your time, you can leave a legacy to your family, or create a lead generation product that pulls people into your business funnel while establishing your name as an authority in your industry.

Drop us a line and we’ll call you to talk about making you an author, today.

How it Works


We’ll have a face-to-face interview to discuss the book you want to produce


Let’s talk. We sit down with you, hit record, and capture all the information needed to write your book


We organise your thoughts and create an outline for your book and a few sample pages of writing


We produce a draft of your entire book, capturing your voice


Over to you to fact-check, add and amend


The final draft is updated and the book manuscript completed