Publishing Setup on Amazon, Ingram and More

Your book is ready to go. You’ve got your polished, edited manuscript, a kickass cover, an author website and an engaging product description… It’s time to hit publish.

But wait… how is that product description going to display on Amazon? You’re not an HTML expert, and Amazon have different requirements to Ingram. What if you make a mistake or there’s an unforeseen issue?

The five main portals for paperback and eBooks are Amazon KDP, Ingram, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and Kobo. Each has different requirements, the most notable of those being that the formatting requirements differ significantly between KDP and Ingram. Also, Amazon requires eBooks formatted as .mobi files while the others require .ePub.

Plus, annoyingly, you can’t get onto iBooks if you don’t own a Mac!

If you’ve used our services to format your books, you’ll have all these editions ready to go. But if you just want a little help getting your book displaying correctly in all the right stores (without giving 10% of your future royalties away to an aggregator) let’s have a conversation. We can help you get it sorted.